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Analysis of collocation of bedroom furniture


Bedroom furniture including beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressing table and bedside cabinets, as well as bedding, and so on. How to select and match the furniture is a big problem.

First, the placement of the bed is very important, from a home Feng Shui perspective, across the bed should not be placed in the bedroom door, the best side of the door to ensure privacy of the bedroom space. Generation generally tend to choose the 1.8M*2M bed, mattress should also have certain requirements. Recommended bed, nightstand, Dresser and preferably with the color.
Second, bedroom avoid colour too much. Generation is the generation of personality, but bedroom space, after all, is a place to rest, to pay special attention to match. The same color of the room should not be too much, different rooms you canbuy color, gaudy does not.

Third, according to the bedroom area the size of the reasonable matching furniture. Can't put the furniture in the House, so easy to destroy the overall shape of theHouse, House share imbalance, let the bedroom space is not a comfortable feeling.Finally, the clever use of drapery, bedroom feeling different.

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