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Bedroom furniture bed placement


1, for the bed itself, to consider is the length and width is sufficient, if the bed is flat and has good support and comfort. Bed height, generally slightly above the bed's knee is appropriate. Is too high, the struggle is too low it will always bend overis not convenient. Remember that is not affixed to the bed, bed should be empty,not debris piled up, no ventilation, easy hidden moisture can lead to low back pain.

2, no matter where located, the key lies in bed is a sleeping possibility should be allowed to see the bedroom door and window, and at dawn, the Sun will shine on the bed, help absorb the energy of nature.

3, no doors to the bedside, if give the bedroom a limited space, and put the bed in front of the gate, make a big problem in the bedroom.

4, the number of beds the best choices towards North and South, Shun magneticattraction. Head South or North of sleep, healthy, because the body's blood circulation, aorta and vena cava are the most important, its trend and human heads, feet in the same direction. Sleeping body in a North-South direction, aorta and vena cava, human sleep and the magnetic field lines of the Earth's North-South directionon a consistent, then people tend to sleep, sleep maximum, so North and sleep with a certain function of disease prevention and health. Bed is not available to theWest, blood often head straight, sleeping less secure; if you sleep head facing East, there will be a sense of peace.

5, the bed should be real rather than virtual, security should be against a wall, nota window, if not against the wall, then, must have a bed headboard, head is not suspended, and behind the bed is not a toilet or kitchen.

6, bed not his disciples, lest outsiders viewed, there is no privacy and security, but also affect the rest. If the doors are red, you can use a screen door, it not only blocks the rushed, but also maintains the privacy of the bedroom.

7, no beam, so as to avoid oppression, are detrimental to people's physical and mental health, this category also includes not beam the bedroom door, split air conditioner indoor unit is not hanging over the pillow, not just above the bed hanging chandelier, they all belong to the category of cross beam presses.

8, and bed not on mirror, because people in half dream half woke up Zhijian, midnight up easy was mirror in the image by fright, spirit not peace, led to dizzy; second people in sleep Shi, gas can most weak, and mirror is reflection force very strong of objects, easy will people of energy reflection out, especially young couple, if bedroom mirror on bed, over, easy patient infertility. If the mirror in the bedroomon the bed, and cover it or turn it to the wall at night, of course, the best way is tobe embedded in the mirror inside the bedroom closet, mirror opening, usually without closing the door.

9 should be above the bed, nightstand, conducive to enhancing wisdom of sleepers, and improve the quality of sleep.

10, on both sides of the pillow, not cabinets or kitchen of a horn, bookcase, Dresser impingement, giving people suffering from migraine. Plants with long pointed leaves, square or rectangular piece of furniture should not be too close to the bed.

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