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Decorate the bedroom furniture questions


First, the new housing design, most of the rooms have a balcony or a closet, arrangement of furniture cannot be taken to shorten the traffic route, towards more efficient use of space. While not made traffic route much closer to the bed, so as to avoid interference due to go to bed.

Second, activity area suitable for one side of the window, and furniture such as sofas, chairs and tables arranged in the activities within the area. This can make reading books and newspapers have a well-lit, well-ventilated environment.

Third, interior furnishings to symmetry, balance, not furnished, high on one side, and the furniture on the other side of the small, short, people feel uncomfortable.Wardrobe with mirror, mirror window not being so as not to affect the image results.

Part IV relationship, pay attention to the furniture and electrical appliances plug. For example to decorate on the desk closest to latch in place, otherwise the lamp wire is too long, likely affecting indoor appearance, electricity was not safe enough.

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