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Fabric sofa maintenance


1, vacuuming at least once a week, pay attention to remove dust between the corners of fabric.

2, such as Mat Flip swap should be flipped once a week, wearing the uniform distribution. Can also often get outdoor Pat a mat, loose fibers, maintaining elasticity ofthe sofa.

3, stained with dirt, wipe clean cloth dipped in water, so as not to leave an imprint,it is best to stain peripheral. Velvet furniture is not wet, dry cleaning agents should be used.

4, all cloth cover and liner should be dry cleaned, do not wash, prohibition of bleach. 5, such as thread loose and don't break with your hands, use scissors to cut neatly Ping.

5, Fabric sofa easy to dust, so should regular vacuum cleaner tools such as dust, but not close to the brush head cloth to avoid anti-leave the dirt in oil on canvas orcloth threads.

6, good wear-resistant than leather sofa cloth sofa, so often are in the same position should be avoided once the hairball, you can use scissors, razors or hair ball machine to be removed.

7, and if dip Shang dirty words, available water for local scrub; if can split type of sofa, can will its demolition Hou, will within surface valgus, with to dirt agent or clean agent dip sponge on its for local clean, again to water flush; but should note cloth quality whether for washing, if for washing, is should regularly in probably half around split Xia cleaning.

8, new cloth, spray stain cleaning agent to facilitate pollution prevention and dust-proof.

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