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How leather sofa cleaning


With long, dirty bad in General. Leather sofas are no exception, so how they are daily cleaned and protected?

(1) Sofa the leather vulnerable to strong light and heat and hardened color, so weshould put it in a cool, dry place. But that place is not too humid, damp musty because it easily. Released to sand it is better for a cool, dry place.

(2) Remember don't jump on the leather sofa, don't put on the leather-hard objects, so it is easy to damage in leather.

(3) When, if you want to move a sofa, to cling to the bottom of the sofa,Do not hold the skin, can damage the skin.

(4) Daily it is best to clean up the sofa leather cracks stains with a soft cloth painted with neutral light soapy water and wring out lightly after wiping. If you find the above have ballpoint pen marks left by, please get them with the eraser.

(5) Sofa cushion the best soft to prevent friction damage.

(6) The informal method of easily damaged sofa, such as sitting on the leather sofa armrest, or sitting on the edge of your seat.

New leather sofa, first wet towels with clean water, wring dry erase sofa surface dust and dirt, do not wash or use gasoline to wipe. Again lightly with a care agent sofa one to two times the surface and form a protective film on the leather surface, easy depth dermal pores dirt.

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