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Maintenance and use of sofa


① Sofa placed on a flat surface, corner best placed at the bottom cushion to prevent damage when moving the floor.

② Using Qian first with clean soft cloth wipe NET sofa surface of dust and dirt, if cattle leather (leather) making, must in using Qian first with nursing agent light wipe sofa surface a to two again (don't using wax quality of nursing products), such in cattle leather (leather) surface formed a layer protection film, makes future of dirt easily in-depth leather pores, easy yihou clean.

③ Sofa beats on the seat surface should be avoided, so as to avoid local compression deformation, affect the use.

④ Equipment contact surface with a sharp corner or a tool class should be avoided to prevent scratching the fabric.

⑤ Should avoid long exposure to leather sofas fabric deformation and loses its elasticity, if often sunlight, should from time to time to prevent sofa intermodulationlocation color difference is obvious;

⑥ Should avoid rain or over damp leather surface expansion caused relaxation loses its elasticity or leather color fade, Pan, or mildew. In case of high humidity, you can take advantage of weak Sun at 8 in the morning to 10 points 7 days, 1 hour, about 3 months doing it again.

⑦ Maintenance: regularly wipe the fabric with a clean soft cloth immersed traces or stains. Back, armrests and seat gap junction used vacuums to clean debris. Prohibition of using a damp cloth, hard objects or contact chemicals such as acids, alkaline materials, so as not to affect the surface quality and life-cycle.

⑧ Regular maintenance: cow leather surface pores, as in human skin care divided into wet and dry seasons to maintenance. Dry clean and oiled once every two months of the season, the usual 3-4 months maintenance time of the season.

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