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Sofa composed of technology


1, woodworking

A, in front of the assembled after a four-sided planed wood, making each framemore exquisite beauty.

B and the frame of the sofa back, side, handrails are made of high quality fibreboard packaging.

C reinforcement, in order to improve the structure and framework, every joint of the frame with fully and precisely cut wooden tripod position and fixed with glue and screws.

D, using the nail gun and ensure the robustness of each interface.

2, the contracting process

A, frame covered with a 2-4cm layer of recycled high resilient foam (thickness of 2-4cm, particularly the arm regenerated high resilient foam paste 2-4cm thick high resilience foam to ensure that human touch the arm of the sofa does not feel directly to wood-frame), surface and then stuck a layer of felt, minimum reduce the friction of fabrics and frames.

B, using the nail gun to ensure robustness of bandages and other important parts.

3, sewing

Surface electric high-speed sewing sewing machine, pins or even, after each pieceof fabric, bits of edge treatment.

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