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The historical development of Chinese furniture


China's furniture industry has experienced the first high-speed development period, dominated by quantitative expansion, had established a wide range of complete industrial system in line with international standards, products that can meet people's needs and the needs of the international market. 5-10 years in the future, under the background of the international furniture industry transfer, the Chinese furniture industry will usher in a second period of rapid development. Not primarily in the quantitative expansion during this period, but in the quality of.

After entering the 21st century, the Chinese Government has proposed accelerating the pace of urbanization and the construction of small cities and towns, the prosperity of rural economy, accelerating the urbanization process, so as to further boost consumer markets, expand areas of consumption. This initiative of the country,will further promote China's housing construction, and housing-related industrieswill be developed. According to social needs and development needs of the State Council, proposed housing industry, this initiative will drive standardization and Seriation of supporting tens of thousands of products with residential and industrial.Residential development of the industrialization of housing as a commodity into the market and provide space for all kinds of furniture and accessory products. China's enormous market potential in the furniture industry.

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