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Bedroom Furniture Choose And Place A Lot Of Knowledge

Bedroom furniture includes beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressers and bedside cabinets, as well as bed linen and more. They are undoubtedly the protagonist in the bedroom, a good set of bedroom furniture, especially the bed, can change a person's quality of life.

The bedroom is the most intimate place in all rooms, but also the most romantic and most personal place, and now the bedroom area is generally around 20 square meters, so the main function of the bedroom is not only to provide you with a comfortable sleeping environment, Storage function. It should have a quiet, warm features, from the selection, color, indoor lighting layout to the interior objects of the furnishings have to be carefully designed. Bedroom furniture includes beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressers and bedside cabinets, as well as bed linen and more. They are undoubtedly the protagonist in the bedroom, a good set of bedroom furniture, especially the bed, can change a person's quality of life. So an ideal bedroom, always make people both physically and mentally - to meet the feelings and physical needs, and ultimately become the oasis of life. What is the most important function of the house? Of course, is sleeping; what is the most important furniture in the bedroom? Of course bed Therefore, the bedroom design must be centered on the bed. A warm and comfortable bedroom environment, can make your life more energy, which bedroom furniture selection and placement of a lot of knowledge.

Furniture selection

For the layout of the new home, then how to choose their own bedroom furniture? The bedroom is the most private living space, but also the best place to reflect the personal style.Choose a beautiful and practical bedroom furniture, but also make sweet love icing on the cake.

Bedside cabinet

Bedside cabinets should be clean and practical, not only can be placed in the lamp, frame or small vase, but also allows you to bed and can easily take any desired items. Bedside cabinet counter enough to put down a lamp, an alarm clock, a few books and glasses, glasses and other commonly used items. Choose a drawer, partition bedside cabinet, your books and glasses in the absence of time can be easily put into the drawer, readily messy "swept away", looks neat and more. Keep the table clean, if the tea accidentally spilled out, but also easy to take care. In addition, check the drawer and handle is not smooth and easy to use. From the price point of view, solid wood than the plate of the strong, high grade.

2. Dressing table

From the function of the console to see no doubt, it is definitely the most likely to appear in the bedroom messy corner. The solution is to get it more with some drawers. When buying a dressing table do not forget the matching stool, which is to ensure that the height of the stool and the cabinet to match the best way, otherwise it will bring you great inconvenience Most of the dressing tables are equipped with a mirror, generally designed above the desktop position. However, there are single with hanging on the wall. If this is the case, when the mirror should pay attention to how the mirror easy to make friends, such as can be made to push and pull, foldable. If the table under some small drawer, store jewelry and the like out of things will be very convenient. Dressing table is best painted, easy to clean. In this way, make-up liquid splashed on the table will not cause damage. Table under the drawer should be arranged reasonable, to the user's legs to leave enough space, this must use the body to measure.

3. mattress

Choose what kind of mattress best, should be talking about the function from the mattress. Mattress function is to ensure that consumers get healthy and comfortable sleep, a good mattress has two criteria: First, no matter what kind of sleep in the posture, the spine can maintain a straight stretch; the second is equal pressure, people lying The whole body can be fully relaxed. This involves the hardness of the mattress. The mattress of the mattress depends on the softness of the liner spring. In addition to the spring should play a supporting role in the necessary hardness, but also should have a good resilience, the so-called hardness and softness. Too hard or too soft, the rebound is not ideal. Too hard mattress people lying on top just the head, back, buttocks, heel these four points to bear the pressure, the rest of the body is not completely implemented, the spine is actually in a very tight state, not only not the best rest Effect, and sleep so long mattress will be detrimental to health. Too soft mattress, a person lying on the whole body to depression, the spine for a long time in a state of bending, the oppression of the internal organs, a long time, the same is not conducive to health, and not comfortable. So should choose a moderate hardness of mattresses.

4. How to measure mattress hard and soft? How hard and hard?

The simplest method of measurement is: lying down, hands to the neck, waist and buttocks down to the thigh between the three places where the obvious bending to stretch, to see if there is no gap; then turned to the side of the body, with the same The method to try the body curve depression and there is no gap between the mattress, if not, to prove that the mattress and sleep in the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs of the natural curve fit, such a mattress It can be said that the soft and hard moderate. Everyone on the mattress of the hard and soft preferences are different, some people like to sleep hard bed, some people love to sleep soft bed, what is the hardness of the mattress is a good mattress?

The heavier body sleep softer bed, so that the shoulder buttocks slightly into the mattress, the waist is fully supported. The body Shen Shen who sleep hard for the mattress, the strength of the spring can give each part of the body properly, especially the neck and waist are well supported. You can refer to height, weight and mattress soft and hard table, it will be more scientific.

5. Wardrobe

Now the closet can be done "top heaven", 100% of the space to use, flexible mobile internal partition combination, to solve the small storage space trouble. Can be reasonable combination and use of space, and has a decorative interior, practical closet door and so on.


Wood is more warm and easy to accept. If you like to highlight the personality, you can use metal plate or glass.


Wood board price is moderate, care will not be too much trouble. Glass in the punch when the trouble will be more expensive.

Want to pack up the clothes, in the purchase or custom wardrobe stage should consider the type of their clothes, to see which clothing is too much, the corresponding additional space. Such as preference for long skirts and coats people, you can stay in the larger hanging clothes space; and casual wear more people can configure the shelf, stacked clothes, if there is 80 cm thickness to the wardrobe , You can consider using a rotating hanger. But the price of rotating hanger expensive, only the rotating frame will be about 1,000 yuan.

6. bed

Bedroom bed mainly double bed, single bed two:

Double bed size is: 150CM * 190CM, 180CM * 200CM.

The size of the single bed is 90CM * 190CM and 150 * 190CM (letter bed).

From the types of work to distinguish:

Bed mainly bed, iron, wood, steel and wood combination of several; plate bed cheap, simple style; Iron classical, the price slightly expensive.

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