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Bedroom Furniture Display Skills To Listen To Voice

  Bedroom furniture display skills to listen to voice

  The bedroom is where we rest, the furniture must be comfortable to be placed in order to rest good.

  1 symmetrical pendulum method. Bed as the center, the bed against the wall, and the bed side by side on both sides were placed a large cabinet, Bedroom furniture chest of drawers; bed on the other side of the left and right sides were placed on the table and desk. This is the formation of the bed as the center of the left and right sides of the cabinet and cabinet symmetry, table and table symmetry. Looks spacious, neat and concise.

  2 points into the pendulum method. According to the use of different requirements, the furniture into several groups for furnishings. Bedside and bed side of the wall, with the bed and bedside bedside bed as a bedroom furniture group; Bedroom furniture the middle of the table, the table on the four sides put a chair, as a guest, dining furniture group. This arrangement is clear, the use of more convenient.

  3 bedrooms placed in the sofa:

  Sofa for daily use and the use of the guests, single sofa are generally used in pairs, the middle of a small coffee table for the use of a cup of cigarettes. Double or triple sofa before putting a rectangular coffee table. The sofa should be placed in the near window or lighting below, so the location from the sofa to see the whole room, Bedroom furniture feeling bright. At the same time due to the location from the sofa to watch the whole room the most opportunities, so should pay special attention to the layout of the beautiful, as far as possible not to make furniture side, or bed facing the sofa.

  4 living room in the bed:

  The most important thing in the bedroom is bed. The furnishings of the bed play a decisive role in the atmosphere of the bedroom. Bedroom furniture According to the results of the expert study, that a bed regardless of where to place, pillow position to happen in the middle of the two windows as well, because that place is particularly ventilated. If the room has two windows, one east, one south, the bed should be selected in the room near the center, happens to be the intersection of two windows at the southeast. Bed and window distance, 30 cm away from the better.

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