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Bedroom Furniture Layout Of The 10 Principles

  Bedroom furniture layout of the 10 principles 

  Home decoration not only pay attention to style, color, many users also pay great attention to feng shui, layout, bedroom furniture placement may be your work, life have a great impact. Xiaobian today and we discuss the bedroom furniture should be placed under the 10 principles, to help you build a good feng shui bedroom.

  1, bed can not be too close to the glass window. Immense, can not be down to earth, affecting the development of the cause. Modern metropolis often floor front, floor, floor, floor, floor, floor bed too close to the window, Bedroom furniture making the bedroom can not be very good to maintain its privacy.

  2, bedroom furniture hanged not flat shape. Not flat that is not harmonious, long life is easy to quagmire.

  3, bed and underground messy will affect the owner's luck. In fact, the home layout is not like you want so complicated, it is around you, everywhere, simple and easy to understand. Like everyone knows that messy people can not do the same thing, so pack up your environment, give yourself a good mood, good luck naturally come.

  4, bedside mosaic provoke disturbed. Romance to talk about principles and methods, can not be affected by the romantic and healthy. Many young people to renovate the house was unconventional, who do not know the things in order, contrary to the affected.

  5, bed put flowers, easy to deal with peach. Husband and wife will have an affair, over time, will be parted ways, the family broken.

  6, the bedroom like the whole window, hanged with two or more windows. Was originally a window wall thing, but divided into several pieces, Bedroom furniture want to have trouble. Often do things more disagreement, can not be at one go.

  7, the bedroom should be the center of the bed. In general, the bed south of the bed can meet the north of the earth strong magnetic field, this is the best position, sitting west to east to the east to the Purple bed second, sitting south to north of the bed again, sitting east to west It is the most undesirable position.

  8, wardrobe can block moisture. Wardrobe layout can make the host calm and peaceful, improper layout is a sense of inexplicable melancholy. Some bathroom with a bathroom, if the bathroom door is facing the bed, you can use the closet to block. With a wardrobe distance, you can make the bedroom gas field harmony, conducive to balance the mood.

  9, the dresser on the right side of the bedside. Because women use, sex is yin, should be placed on the right side of the bed white tiger, white tiger is also a yin, the two coincide with the yin and yang of the road. Bedroom furniture When the bed placed on the right side of the dresser, then the corresponding should be placed on the left than it is more tall furniture. For example, wardrobe, should be set on the left side of the bed, fit the dragon bit of yang, make it higher than the white tiger dresser.

  10, cloakroom do not put old books debris. Due to the small area within the cloakroom, often lead to poor ventilation. If the inside is chaotic, long-term so will produce a wet gas, so its internal wardrobe drawer should not be too much. Bedroom furniture If the dressing room in the dressing room is just facing the door of the cloakroom, easy to start when the door was scared. Owners can be placed in front of the mirror a bowl of high knee plants, given to resolve.

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