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Bedroom Furniture Placed

  Bedroom furniture placed

  1, for the bed itself, Bedroom furniture to consider is its length, width is enough, whether the bed is flat and whether it has a good support and comfort. As for the height of the bed, generally slightly higher than the bedtime sleepers is appropriate. Too high is up and down hard, too low is always easy to bend over. Cut bed can not be posted, the bed should be empty, do not stack debris, or not ventilation, easy to possession of moisture, will lead to back pain.

  2, regardless of where the bed is located, the key is to let the sleeper can see the bedroom door and window, and at dawn, there will be sunshine to the bed, help to absorb the energy of nature.

  3, the bed can not rely on the door, if the room to accommodate a limited space, and the bed on the door side, made a taboo of the bedroom.

  4, the best choice for the north and south of the bed, along the magnetic force. Head south or north sleep, good for health, because the body's blood circulation system, the aorta and the great vein is most important, and its direction to the direction of the head and feet of the human body. The body is in the north and south sleep, the aorta and large veins toward the human body to sleep and the north and south of the Earth's magnetic field direction of the three consistent, then people are easy to sleep, sleep quality is also the highest, so the north and south sleep has a certain disease prevention and health care Features. Bedroom furniture The bed can not go west, the blood often to the head straight, sleep less stable; if the head to the east to sleep, there will be a sense of peace.

  5, the bed should not be virtual, the bed should be against the wall, unreliable windows, bed if not against the wall, the bed must have a headboard, so that the head will not be vacant, and the bedside can not be behind the toilet or kitchen.

  6, the bed can not be on the door, so as not to be outsiders at a glance, no privacy and security, but also affect the rest. If the case of the door with the red, you can use the screen to block the door, not only blocked the bed door red, but also to maintain the privacy of the bedroom.

  7, can not have a beam press, so as not to cause a sense of oppression, but also detrimental to the physical and mental health, such cases also can not have a beam pressure bedroom door, split air-conditioning indoor unit can not be hung above the pillow, bedside is not hanging above the chandelier, These are the scope of the beam press.

  8, the bed can not be on the mirror, because people half awake between the middle of the night to get up easily by the mirror image of the frightened, Bedroom furniture the spirit of restlessness, leading to dizzy; second people fall asleep, the weakest gas, and the mirror is highly reflective Of the object, easy to reflect the energy of people out, especially young couples, if the bedroom mirror on the bed, the long run, susceptible to infertility. If the bedroom has a mirror bed, you can cover it in the evening or turn it to the wall, of course, the best way is to set the mirror in the bedroom wardrobe, open the mirror, usually when the door is not closed.

  9, bedside cabinets should be higher than the bed, Bedroom furniture favorable to enhance the wisdom of sleepers, and improve the quality of sleep.

  10, pillow on both sides, not the cabinet angle or kitchen corner, bookcase, dressing table, easy to make people suffering from migraine. Leaves spicy plants, square or rectangular furniture can not be too close to the bed.

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