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Card Seat Sofa In A Lot Of Restaurants Can See

Card seat sofa in a lot of restaurants can see, then how should we choose? The following Xiaobian for everyone Weapon.

In general, the fabric card sofa printing pattern of thin fabric because of the simple process and cheap; and patterns and other patterns are woven up, it is more solid, but also more upscale. Buy carefully look at the pattern of fabric is what kind of situation, from different latitude and longitude weaving pattern with three-dimensional, unlike the printed fabric as smooth. Again, by the cotton, pure wool woven fabric than ordinary rayon fabric grade high.

Pick a good card seat sofa, the main look at two points:

1, depends on the sofa leather material;

2, to see the card holder sofa with what material, in general, the internal use of steel skeleton is the best.

Have the following judgment method:

① pinch with a nail after a certain pinch marks but not very obvious.

② with a key or what hard scraper, good leather will not scratch the scratches of scratches.

Cassette sofa fabric is different due to the different cortical: modern industry has been able to thick multi-layer cut leather, so there is a layer of skin, two layers of skin or even multi-layer skin of the points.

A layer of skin is the outermost layer, this layer of leather toughness, flexibility, made into a sofa, after repeated pressure is not easy to break, is the high-end fabric, with a special magnifying glass to see the skin can also see clearly Of the pores; the second layer of the skin is the back of the skin layer of the remaining leather, the second layer of skin surface tension and toughness are not as the first layer of skin, long-term use of the surface of the film sofa fabric will often affect the overall effect and price of the sofa, So need to carefully selected, of course, the filler can not be ignored.

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