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Custom Foot Bath Sofa To Pay Attention To The Four Major Points

  Custom foot bath sofa to pay attention to the four major points

  In the choice of custom foot bath sofa, some foot shop owner often for the pursuit of personality, ignoring the use of store space and the general use of the customer, so that custom products lost practical significance. sofa According to the current foot bath sofa custom industry characteristics, we visited some of the designers and custom product sales staff, summed up the foot bath sofa when the four major considerations.

  First, according to the store and the area between the rooms to determine the custom foot bath sofa foot shop furniture products first to be based on the needs of customers to use. In the choice of custom foot bath sofa, should be based on the store can receive the number and situation of customers to determine the type and size of the product. If the store area is limited, but the customer slightly more custom foot sofa should be based on space-saving, choose wardrobe, coffee table and other products in the shape should be as simple as possible, the volume should be relatively small.

  Second, custom products and decoration style should be unified Many people are complaining about the back of the foot bath sofa, put into the store after feeling and foot shop decoration style does not tune. In this regard, sofa the foot shop designer suggested that the store custom style foot sofa, before the decoration should be determined down. Refreshment and then set foot bath sofa, often can not uniform style.

  Third, shop around to develop a reasonable budget seem cheap cheap foot bath to be careful, on the surface may not see any problems, the use of a period of time will be able to realize that "a sub-price goods" truth. Therefore, consumers in the choice of custom foot bath sofa, should be based on their actual needs to shop around the three budget, do not buy because of the cheap and inferior products.

  Fourth, resolutely remove the low utilization of goods to determine the foot bath sofa style and type, should also be based on the budget and the use of foot bath sofa to determine what is necessary to use, some use or low utilization of the function or use, Can save money to buy more practical foot shop furniture supplies. Custom wardrobe, sofa closet, coffee table ... ... When the personalized goods more and more favored, the manufacturers directly to the various foot bath sofa has gradually become a lot of people chasing the target and the new darling of the market. Because of the custom service, you can directly find the manufacturers according to the customer-oriented preferences or store style, tailored to a variety of foot bath sofa. Consumers in the choice of customized products, can not blindly pursue the personality and ignore the foot store furniture products, quality, standards and other requirements.

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