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Different Sofa Styles

Chinese-style sofa

Emphasizes the warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for both seasons. Chinese-style sofa is characterized by exposed wood framework as a whole. Put foamcushions can be replaced as needed. This flexible approach to make Chinese-stylesofa by many people's favorite: warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, suitable for our larger temperature difference between North and South of the country.

European style sofa

Clean lines, suitable for the modern home. European-style sofa is characterized by the modern style, elegant colors, clean lines, suitable for most home use. This sofasuitable for a wide range of, various styles of bedroom feeling good. 21st centurywas popular is the light colored sofa, such as white, beige, etc.

American sofa

American-style sofa focuses on comfort, people sitting on one feel like being gently clinging, but covers more. 2003 many sofa manufacturing processes are no longer all spring but made from the main frame and different hardness of sponge, butmany traditional American-style sofa base will not abandon the springs in order tosave time and effort, still uses the sponge of the spring design, which makes this sofa is very strong and durable.

Japanese-style sofa

Emphasizing natural, simple. Japanese-style sofa greatest features is fence-woodhandrails and short design. This sofa suits those who advocate natural style and simple home. Small Japanese-style sofa, reveal serious attitude toward life. Japanese-style sofa are often some of the Office space used.

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