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Dining Table Glass Dining Table Buying Tips

The most happy thing, in the daytime infinite nature of the scenery, in the evening when the home to see my parents smile, in this limited space, enjoy the warm and quiet home life. While the time on the table is satisfied with the taste, which is not only clean the glass table, we watched from the heart feel comfortable. Therefore, how to choose a good quality of the table will be a lot of effort.


First of all, let's see how it works. Its work should be fine, especially the tempered glass, the desktop is best in the thickness of more than 8 mm glass. So that it can have a strong high temperature resistance, its compressive capacity will be enhanced. Its surface should be smooth, smooth, there is no prominent hard objects. For the table corner should also be polished to avoid bruising to our skin, but also to protect the safety of our family. Desktop corner as far as possible the selection of stainless steel, both clean, not prone to rusty situation.

2. telescopic

Glass table is best to stretch, whether it is two or more people use no problem. When a few people use it, you can indent it and save more space. In the case of many people, pull out on it, not afraid of the situation is not enough use of the situation. Moreover, it is its slide support, should have a strong wear resistance, the surface should be smooth, in order to protect the table so that it is not subject to serious damage. Give you a small proposal, in the choice of this telescopic function of the table, it is best to try to stretch in the field, whether it can be smooth and smooth. In order to protect it can smooth the slide, not because of changes in the climate season, and the emergence of hot up cold shrink, there should be some shaking space.

3. level

For the tempered glass table, you can choose to be divided into the upper and lower layers, so that more than the upper layer can be used, even the lower layer can also place some commonly used items, our home life has brought more convenience.


For the leg part of the note did not? Although the legs of the table is not as an important factor in the choice of tempered glass table, but less of its stability, it is not appropriate Therefore, in the purchase of the table, but also pay attention to this place, to prevent the loose table to eat, affecting your use. In the table legs is best to have anti-skid pads, it can be used when many of the stability.


1. In the cleaning, try to use a soft cloth to wipe, and then clean the dry cloth to dry. It is best not to use hard cloth to wipe, so as not to scratch.

2. In short, I hope you can seriously remember the above purchase skills and methods, which can buy a cup of gratitude Oh! In addition, I hope we have to shop more than three, so, have more opportunities to buy a suitable table.

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