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Dining Table Harmonious Atmosphere Of The Important Places

Dining table is not only a place to eat, in the present special era, the table is the family to exchange feelings, harmonious atmosphere of the important places. First of all to determine the maximum area of dining space. If there is a separate restaurant, you can choose a heavy feeling of the table and space match. If the restaurant area is limited, you can make a table for a variety of roles, recommend the choice of telescopic table.

The table should choose the style corresponding to the room decoration style. If the room is luxurious, you should choose the classical style of European style; if the bedroom style is simple, you can choose the glass table of modern minimalist style. The shape of the table has a certain impact on the home atmosphere. In general, the round table or square table is applicable when the family population is small; the ellipse or the long square table is suitable when the population is large; as for the irregular desktop, it is more suitable for the two small worlds.

Material should be selected by high-tech polished wooden dining table, both affinity and environmental protection, it has a natural atmosphere, conducive to the absorption of the human body. The table is the family reunion, eating, drinking tea, chatting place, so the warmth of the wood is more people close.

Some nice table, sit up but not satisfactory, may be the table design is not ergonomic design. Select the table, be sure to try to sit, pay attention to the height of the table from the ground in the best 70 ~ 74 cm; chair cushion and the minimum distance from the table at least 27 to 31 cm; people living on the table about 60 cm, Do not be too narrow; the table should be at least 75 cm wide.

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