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Dining Table How To Buy And Maintain

Now people have a lot of problems, such as: How to choose the home table and maintenance? I hope the next thing will help you.

How to buy a home table?

First, solid wood table shopping notes

1, solid wood table is not just a material table, a wide variety of solid wood, different materials have different characteristics of wood, of course, there are pros and cons of the points. So what kind of solid wood table is good? This requires us to have a certain understanding of the different wood materials. Solid wood table as a restaurant in this particular environment with a specific purpose of furniture, it is best to choose a anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, easy to clean, heat-resistant properties such as material.

2, before buying the solid wood table we still need to determine how large our dining area, so that we can better determine the size of the wood table, shape. The long solid wood dining table requests the dining area to be bigger, the circular feeling is relatively smaller. Irregular is smaller, more suitable for two people practical, folding type is not so many requirements, more flexible.

3, in the purchase of solid wood table, we should also combine the overall style of our restaurant decoration to decide. Solid wood furniture with its material particularity, people to its processing no other material so complex, original ecological, natural form of solid wood furniture is people have been more like. Therefore, in the choice of solid wood table We should also be based on their own home environment to choose.

II. Selection of marble dining table

Because of its special texture and cool texture, marble furniture has become the favorite of many families. Especially in the hot summer, marble furniture can bring an unusually cool feeling, refreshing. Many people have a preference for marble tables, so what exactly is the correct way to buy a marble table?

1. Choose a good grade

According to the size of the specifications allowable tolerances, flatness and angle tolerance, as well as the appearance of quality, surface finish and other indicators. Marble Plate is divided into excellent products, first-class products and qualified products three grades; The grading and identification of marble plate is mainly identified by the testing of instruments and measuring tools.

2, check the appearance of quality

Different grades of marble panels look different. Because marble is naturally formed, defects are unavoidable. At the same time, the quality of processing equipment and measuring tools is also the cause of plate defects. Some plate body is not plump (warping or concave), the board has defects (cracks, sand holes, color spots, etc.), the plate size is different (such as the lack of angular, plate body is not) and so on. According to national standards, all grades of marble plates are allowed to have a certain flaw, but the top product is not so obvious.

3. Choose pattern tone

The marble plate is colorful, the color is diverse, the pattern is not identical, this is the marble plank precious charm lies. Tonal basically consistent, the color difference is small, the pattern esthetic is the fine variety concrete performance, otherwise will seriously affect the adornment effect.

4, testing surface Gloss

The surface gloss of marble board will greatly affect the decorative effect. In general, high-quality marble plate polishing surface should have a mirror-like luster, can clearly reflect the scene. However, the different quality of marble due to different chemical composition, even the same level of products, its gloss difference will be very large. Of course, the same material different grades between the surface gloss will also have a certain difference. In addition, the strength of marble plate, water absorption rate is also an important index to evaluate the quality of marble.

Third, glass table shopping notes

In recent years, the glass table gradually popular, because of its clear and transparent, crystal lovely, colorful quality, by people's special favor. But the glass itself fragile, hard, afraid of hot and so bad attributes will also constitute a certain potential threat, so in the purchase of glass table must be careful carefully. The following Shijiazhuang decoration company to introduce some of the glass table selection method.

1. Look at the appearance

Glass table used by the glass must be selected tempered glass, tempered by tempering, compared with the average glass strength of several times, flexural strength is common glass $number times, the impact strength is ordinary glass $number times, tempered glass after the failure of the small sharp-angle debris, to ensure its safety. The appearance of the formation, transparency, smoothness also reflects the quality of the glass, in the bottom of the glass placed with a white paper, the positive eye view can clearly see the handwriting to determine its transparency; to touch the table with the hand without obvious block sense, such glass is smooth and flawless.

2, firm sex

The table of the steel-wood frame or bracket should ensure that its welding without welding, virtual welding, crack phenomenon, screw or rivet connection part is not loose, steel pipe frame and solid wood foot connection to be firm. In particular, the dining chair because of frequent use, to pay attention to the use of the chair and stitching the way, generally speaking, the traditional mortise and tenon structure is more solid. And then the use of elm, beech wood and other wood as a stand of the dining chair is relatively strong and durable. This point must be careful when choosing to ensure the durability of the glass table.

3, must have the humanized design

In some details should also pay attention to human processing: the edge of the table, grinding edge to the straight smooth without obtuse, glass table surface without scratches, lack of angle, etc., if the consumer needs can also consider the combination of table changes, Mesa turntable, storage space and so on.

4. Size Standard

The industry standard stipulates that the table height is 680mm-760mm, the seat height of the dining chair is 400mm-440mm, the soft chair seat is 400mm-460mm, and the armchair armrest is wide in the 460mm. The error is less than ±0.6mm steel tape or steel ruler to measure the specimens placed on a test plate or flat surface, which can be used as a reference for buying a glass table.

How to maintain the household table?

First, solid wood table maintenance

1, solid wood table in the indoor position should be away from the doorway, window, tuyere and other air flow stronger parts, not to be exposed to the sun.

2, solid wood table winter do not put in the vicinity of the heating, avoid indoor temperature overheating, generally in the indoor wearing a sweater feel comfortable appropriate; summer summer vacation, to often open air-conditioning, reduce moisture swelling of the wood, avoid tenon structure part of the wet deformation and open seam.

3, to keep the solid wood table tidy, daily usable clean gauze wipe dust. It is not advisable to use chemical brightener to prevent the film from sticking and damaging. In order to maintain the brightness of the table paint film, walnut can be crushed, peeled, and then three layers of gauze to polish the oil.

4, dust is actually a kind of abrasive particles, in wiping dust, to use a soft cotton cloth along the wood grain back and forth lightly. If the use of hard dry cloth to clean the paint surface, the paint will cause grinding phenomenon, so that it loses luster.

5, every six months or a year can be on the furniture waxing once, to protect the wood table has some help. If you move the wooden table, you should lift the table, do not drag the line, so as to avoid the overall structure of the table loose.

Second, marble table maintenance

1, marble easy to stain, cleaning should be less water, should often be wet and with a mild detergent cloth to wipe, and finally clean the soft cloth dry and polished.

2, the table is often worn, for very slight scratches, can be used for special marble cleaning agent and nursing agent gently grinding care can be. For those old or valuable marble furniture should be to invite professionals to deal with!

3, wear very serious marble furniture difficult to deal with, but can use some of the steel wool to wipe, and then use the electric polishing machine to polish, so that it restores luster. Or use liquid scrub carefully wipe, can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean stain, but the time that lemon stays above is best not more than 2 minutes, if necessary, can repeat operation, then wash and dry.

4, as far as possible not to use overheating appliances on the desktop, because not notice the long set of hot device in the desktop, leaving traces, can be used some cotton stained camphor oil to wipe, but also to remove traces.

5, because marble is more fragile, should avoid to use hard object percussion hit.

6, for old or valuable marble best please professional cleaning treatment. A beautiful and suitable table is not only for the needs of eating, more is a marble table or a visual "gourmet" enjoyment, but also it can play the space.

Third, glass table maintenance

1. Avoid exposure and rain. Because the sealing edge seam is easy to crack, resulting in swelling and deformation of the substrate. such as the table occurs, only to return to the factory repair.

2, always remember not to force to hit the glass surface, put things in the above, to gently take care of. In order to prevent the glass surface scratching, it is best to put on the table cloth.

3, the desktop should always keep clean, must prevent pollution and produce mildew spot. If found to have mildew spot, should move the table to the ventilated place, and in mildew spot place electric iron bucket burns 2-3 minutes, until mildew spot disappears;

4, for tea and so on to the table, should be dry in time, otherwise, long time will leave a very ugly piece of stain. If there is a stain, can sprinkle some water on the table, and then use the cigarette box in the tin foil to wipe, the last to scrub with water, you can wash the tea traces;

5, in the daily cleaning, with a wet towel or newspaper can be wiped, such as stains can be dipped in a towel beer or warm vinegar wipe, in addition, you can use the current market on the sale of glass cleaning agent, bogey with strong acid alkaline solution cleaning. Winter glass surface is easy to frost, can be dipped in thick brine or white wine to wipe, the effect is very good.

6, the use of plastic film and spray with detergent wet cloth can also be stained with oily glass "regain new life." First of all, the glass will be fully sprayed with detergent, and then affixed to the plastic film, so that the solidification of the grease softening, after 10 minutes, tear off the fresh film, and then wipe with a damp cloth can be. To keep the glass clean and bright, it must be cleaned regularly, if there is handwriting on the glass, rub with the rubber in the water, and then wipe with a damp cloth; if there is paint on the glass, use the cotton dipped in hot vinegar, scrub the glass with a clean dry cloth to make it bright as crystal.

7, if the pattern of the hair glass, can be dipped in the toothbrush with detergent, wipe its stains.

8, avoid burning cigarette, otherwise will leave the Scorch mark. If the mark is produced only on the surface, the toothpick can be wrapped in a layer of hard cloth gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a layer of wax, the mark can be removed.

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