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Dining Table Introduction To Purchasing Skills

After the completion of the new home decoration, the next is to buy furniture, the table is essential furniture, then choose the table has any tips? How to choose a suitable table?

1. Table size: First of all, according to the actual size of the restaurant to choose the right table, before the purchase of the table, you can use ruler actual measurement of the length and width of the dining area, and then determine exactly how much to buy the table, to avoid no actual measurement caused by the inappropriate situation after purchase

2. Table shape: The table has a round, also has a rectangular, to buy the table before also want to think good oneself to buy what shape of the table. Generally, the round table is more suitable for the restaurant area than the larger house, the number of diners is also more. The rectangular table usually has a length of 1.2 meters or 1.3 meters, with a standard of four dining tables and chairs.

3. Table Style: In the selection of the table, but also should consider the style of the table with the whole room to decorate the same style, if the overall decoration of the room is the Chinese style, in the restaurant placed a European-style table is out of tune.

4. Table Material: Now more popular table has tempered glass, marble, fire stone, solid wood and other materials, different materials of the table is also suitable for different decoration style, and the different materials, the price of the table is also a difference, so in the purchase table not only to consider the beauty of the table, but also to consider the price, Choose the table that best suits you.

5. Can be lengthened: now there is a table on the market that can be lengthened, mainly applicable to the restaurant area is small but want to accommodate many people eat the situation, you can set the table to the left and right side, and then the inside of the bezel out, the table can be lengthened, the introduction of the meal after the restoration can be, usually occupied space is relatively small. If there is a need, consider this lengthened table.

6. Whether to bring the shelf: some table at the bottom there is a shelf, there is a shelf table, at the bottom can put some of the usual use of items, such as tea, teapot, fruit bowls, etc., the use is also more convenient, if there is a demand for this, the purchase can also focus on inspection.

7. Dining Tables and chairs: There are also many materials, such as wooden, painting, steel structure, pew material, and so on. When dining tables and chairs, on the one hand to consider dining tables and chairs and table is whether to match, on the other hand also should consider dining table and chair is good to take care of, such as to choose the leather chair, so as far as possible to choose a darker color, the color is too shallow dirty appear very obvious.

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