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Double Sofa To Buy Skills

Move the new couple of small mouth, pick modular sofa will appear very redundant, choose a single sofa and silly. So simple and generous double sofa is the most suitable choice. Sofa can be considered a large home, the selection of quality, style suitable sofa, but also a technical live, the following together to see it.

Double sofa to buy skills

1 Check the sofa skeleton is strong

The stability of the sofa skeleton is related to the service life of the sofa and quality assurance. The easiest way is to lift the head of the sofa, when the lift part of the ground 10 cm, look at the other side of the sofa legs are off the ground. If the other side is also off the ground, then the sofa skeleton strong, quality clearance. There is no ground to the skeleton that the material is not hard enough or skeleton structures are not strong enough.

2 View the inside of the sofa

The number and quality of the internal filling of the sofa ensures the user's experience and the service life of the sofa. Hand press the arm of the sofa and back, if you can clearly feel the presence of wood, then prove that this set of sofa filling density is not high, flexibility is not good enough. Easy to press the sofa to the sofa will also accelerate the wear of the sofa cloth, reducing the life of the sofa.

3 View the resilience of the sofa

Sofa resilience is good or bad that the flexibility of the sofa or not, good flexibility can ensure that people use the comfort, check the sofa resilience can be free to fall on the sofa, the body at least the sofa cushion bounce 2 or more, it means that this set of sofa elasticity is good, and the service life will be longer. But it is not recommended to do so often, will cause too much pressure on the sofa skeleton and damage the skeleton.

4 Check the details of the sofa

The details of the sofa should be carefully checked. Open the matching pillow of the zipper, observe and touch the inside of the lining and fill; lift the sofa to see whether the bottom of the handle, the sofa legs are straight, the surface treatment is smooth, the bottom of the leg whether there are anti-skid pads and other details. Good sofa in the details of the quality of some also keep fine.

5 View the material on the surface of the sofa

The surface of the sofa using the material so that we often contact, if the use of inferior products, serious skin irritation. Hand touch the surface of the sofa to see if there is a phenomenon to stimulate the skin to observe the whole part of the sofa fabric color is uniform, the joints are strong and smooth, workmanship is fine.

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