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European-style Sofa Is Always The Leader In The Sofa

  European-style sofa is always the leader in the sofa

  European-style sofa is divided into two, modern European-style sofa and European-style classical sofa, the following I give you detailed description of the characteristics of these two kinds of sofa.

  Modern European style sofa features: taste elegant, simple and practical is the basic characteristics of modern European style, modeling, concise structure and generous, the overall support of natural harmony, color and elegant, with other colors with a lot of compatibility border carved elegant, refined Fashion, fresh for you to create a rich romantic atmosphere of pure life.

  Modern European style sofa features two: this three-dimensional and artistic sense of the taste of superior taste, furniture materials generally use solid wood, reflecting the designers and manufacturers of environmental awareness, close to the actual life, a strong human touch. Simple design style fresh, crisp, the bottom of the sofa chassis with exquisite carved, the entire frame after carved fine chisel, and carved edges and corners round, not easy to bumps, filling luxury, dignified and unassuming grace of beauty.

  European classical furniture and sofa features a: European classical style furniture pursuit of gorgeous, elegant, elegant reveals a noble, deep in the luxury, with a strong cultural flavor and historical connotation. Space to pursue continuity, the pursuit of physical changes and sense of hierarchy. Exquisite carved design, magnificent decorative furnishings, beautiful line shape, open up the high atmospheric space, European classical furniture to show a casual, comfortable style, will be home to release the pressure to ease the fatigue of the place.

  European style classical furniture and sofa features two: This style inherited the Baroque style in the luxury, dynamic, changing visual effects, but also absorb the Rococo style in the aesthetic, rhythm of the details of the elements, the design emphasizes the independence of space, wiring Choice is much more complicated than neoclassical. More carved design, reflecting the luxurious and elegant, romantic fashion, revealing luxury in the deep, with a strong cultural flavor and historical content.

  European style sofa is mainly reflected in the two styles, but only European classical furniture by the consumer favorite, but the classical furniture is more suitable for larger villas, the use of the house is not suitable for smaller units, so that it is more reflected gorgeous,

  Distinguished, luxurious, classic and elegant! From simple to complex from the whole to the local, uncompromising attention to create a full range (optional a two-color) overall supporting solid wood home, product integration of the trend of modern home trend. European furniture selection, but also pay attention to see whether the furniture is fine. Look at the European-style furniture, to see the edge of the furniture there is no uneven and tilt phenomenon; there are furniture drawers, doors and other parts, if the gap is relatively rough work; then engraving and mosaic parts, See if it is smooth and so on. In the purchase, or to pay more attention to the details of the problem.

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