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Hotel Furniture-quality Wood Value Judgments Of 6 Elements

One, aroma

High wood's first feature, is a natural scent. India's Cairn sandalwood, pear, sandalwood wood, Phoebe, and so on. Without the element of good material can hardlyget to the top, typical of old mahogany.

Second, wood grain

Advanced wood must have beautiful wood grain, huanghuali, zitan wood, old mahogany, red wood, Phoebe is typical.

Three, material

It is a condition of making furniture and crafts are very important. More delicate materials, structure more closely (higher gas density) as possible.

Four, wood color

This refers to the wood surface after planing the natural tone and colour. Rosewood, yellow PEAR, old mahogany wood color very well known to the world.

In the best two of Phoebe, Phoebe zhennan just because the color tones more bright, relatively more uniform wood colour, Machilus yunnanensis more move manypeople like it. Machilus yunnanensis materials better and more full-bodied fragrance lasting, Phoebe characteristics most obvious, had no effect on most people's preference for the color.

Five, oily

Wood oil, of course, the heavier the better. Wood oil is an important indicator ofmaterial advantages, the heavier oil, often means its aroma is strong and enduring, the resistance to insects and decay resistance of wood is stronger. Hainan huanghuali oil level be divided into bran pear and avocado, avocado value higher thanthe PEAR bran more than 1 time.

Six, the timber trail

This refers to the specific material diameter (plate width) size, bigger is better. If alarge piece of sheet material size to exceed scientific record ceiling, it's a rare materials to Po.

For example, Sian rosewood (red rosewood) trees, tree records record the maximum diameter 60 cm, if you discover this kind of material of plate width exceeding 80 cm or more wide, that is, luck with Superman, because you have materials to Po.Of course, this material is absolutely not in accordance with the tonnage or cubic truth of fixing prices, only on the job (and root) fixing prices.

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