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How To Identify The Quality Of The Quality Of The Sofa Is Good Or Bad

We all know to see a set of sofa is good or bad, in addition to look at its color and workmanship, the main thing is its raw materials, then the sofa sponge as an important filling the raw material sofa, sponge can determine the quality of the sofa The Why do you say this way? When we use the sofa for some time, for these quality is not very good sofa, we can find the sofa will be concave down, and it is clear; relatively good quality sofa, although it is a bit concave down, but not very obvious. So when we buy a sofa should be a little understanding of the sofa sponge, here for everyone to introduce the common sofa sponge:

1, Zhenzhu Mian Zhenzhu Mian is the use of high-pressure process of special processing, is the smallest of all sponges in the sponge, the highest resilience of a kind, Zhenzhu Mian after compression, texture was closely arranged in a bead-like arrangement, with the use of the process, its Pearl particles will gradually release the internal stress, with the more the more fluffy characteristics, so with the pearl cotton processing bag fullness is particularly good, and the resilience is very tough. But the cost of pearl cotton is more expensive, so generally only with the highest frequency of use, the use of the most destructive small pillow and waist pillow.

2, spray glue cotton (glue cotton fiber longer, the better quality) all the big pillow, cushion 35 density of the sea are wrapped with a layer of spray cotton. The use of spray rubber can reduce the friction of fabrics and sponges, increase the comfort of sitting feeling, while the sofa lines look particularly soft and vivid.

3, stereotypes cotton modeling special sponge, good manufacturers are using the whole piece of stereotypes sponge one-time foam to complete. Many manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of sponge and other materials into a single piece and then cut into pieces, sponge life and flexibility are greatly reduced.

4, dolls because of the pillow of the sponge need to be particularly soft and comfortable texture, while the spine has a good supporting effect, it is recommended to use the density is generally 30 of the 3A filament grinding doll, this sponge texture close to the natural Just pop out of cotton, but flexibility and flexibility more durable, pure cotton, environmentally friendly and no smell.

Sponge little knowledge:

The sponge process determines the density of the sponge, the current density of the domestic sponge process can be achieved but not more than 35%. And more than 35% of the gum products, because the cost of resin products is quite expensive, so some unscrupulous businesses in order to achieve the high sponge density illusion, in the production process with talc powder to increase its density, but fossil powder processing In the use of a large number of formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful ingredients on the human body, and add fossil powder, it is easy to fall off. While seriously damaging the service life and performance of the sponge. Sit up, the sofa stiff without any flexibility.

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