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Leisure Chair Use And Maintenance

Leisure chairs used in the process, the correct use and maintenance of knowledge,lounge chair not only looks bright and clean as new, and you can extend the life ofleisure Chair.

The use of environmental requirements

Lounge chairs, especially in the wooden lounge chairs, request the room to maintain a certain temperature and relative humidity. Bought a new Chair, it is recommended that you should maintain a certain degree of ventilation indoors. Indoor leisure Chair should avoid direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of furniture or furniturecity, cracking and deformation. If the indoor air conditioning, and indoor relative humidity should be maintained around 60%. If possible, plant some flowers or ornamental fish in the Interior, to increase indoor humidity.

Regular maintenance

Leisure Chair surface coating not only play the role of decoration and beautification of the furniture surface, more important is to protect the furniture surface, so thefurniture surface glazing cleaning on a regular basis. Recommended that you usually three months to conduct a first wet soft towel to wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture, furniture surface to dry, wipe lightly with furniture wax, liquid wax furniture Polish the surface.

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