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Leisure ChairBuy Tips And Maintenance Methods

Leisure chair that we usually enjoy leisure time with the chair, this chair is not like a chair and chairs so formal, there are some small personality, can give you a visual and physical comfort. Here we look at the leisure chair to buy skills and leisure chair maintenance methods.

First, leisure chair to buy skills

1, from the practicality of leisure chairs, the main role of leisure chairs is to give people a good use of the effect, relax, reduce their work because of the busy feeling of pressure, the height of the chair, the height of the back Should be taken into account, when the personal feeling to buy, do not only use the naked eye, or difficult to find a real fit for their own leisure chair.

2, from the comfort of the chair to consider the comfort of the cushion and backrest is comfortable, if not attached to the cushion, the back of the chair, directly to see the hardness of the material itself, "additional part" will pay attention to the use of internal filling Why And how to feel after sitting on the test.

3, from the appearance of leisure chair, the choice of leisure chair style should be coordinated with the style of the hall, with the style of furniture similar to the whole family can not only blend with the overall style, but also reflect each other, constitute a beautiful Of the screen.

4, the choice of leisure chair, it should also take into account the specific use of the environment, only with the surrounding environment with each other in order to truly reflect its value. Bedroom is more suitable for fabric sofa chair. Soft cloth material can not only give people a warm and comfortable feeling, choose a simple atmosphere of color, the overall style of the bedroom is also a promotion. Cute leisure chair is more suitable for the living room, because the cortex leisure chair can reflect the noble and stable temperament. Placed in the living room can be a good expression of this value of leisure chairs. The balcony is more suitable for rattan leisure chair, rattan leisure chair can give a fresh feeling, people feel more close to nature, is used in the afternoon, can give people a sense of comfort and comfort.

Second, leisure chair how to maintain.

1, for the rattan system of leisure chairs, water and cleaning agents is a better cleaning supplies. Because the rattan material is more comfortable, and the quality of the rat is not very large, the rope is more likely to bear its quality, its life will be longer, so clean up the chair when we should use water and detergent, clean and dry it , And for the part that can not be cleaned, we should paint it with oil, remember not to eradicate the above part, because the above material is likely to cause unexpected accidents, as the metal part of the vacuum cleaner, suck out the above Of the dust, and then wipe with a dry cloth.

2, for the plastic leisure chairs, cleaning agents essential. When we use a chair at home, we often pass the oil on the chair. If it is a plastic chair, it is not easy to clean the oil with water. We should clean it with a detergent and then clean it with water, This effect is better.

3, for the wooden chair, water and paint is a good helper. In general, we do not recommend cleaning the chair with a cleanser, because once the cleanser touches the wood, the cleanser will enter the wood inside, we usually sit on the sticky feeling, if there is water above, inside Of the detergent will be combined with water, soapy soap in the surface of the wood, we would like to clean it, but will dirty it. For some of the stains that are not clean in any way, we should have a layer of paint on the suspect, clean, let it be a little younger.

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