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Skin Sofa Cut, Peeled Or Cracked After The Fill Method

Skin sofa cut, peeled or cracked after the fill method

Leather sofa because of its easy to care and welcomed by the vast number of consumers, but in the daily life of the process, will inevitably encounter some problems, such as the child was born with a child piercing the child or in the process of moving Tearing, etc., once damaged not only affect the appearance, but also affect the people feel the experience, throw it, and feel pity, placed in the living room and feel a bit ugly, then if you deal with this problem, the following For the leather sofa three possible situations to propose a solution.

One, just cracked or cut, and no skin

It is recommended to find the color of the line close to the skin can be sutured together, although can not guarantee the same as the original, but at least better than the gap to look a lot.

Second, broke a hole or out of skin

It is recommended to find out with the broken leather cortex near the color of the material, it is best to close the skin, cut out a slightly larger than the damaged area of the area, pad in the sofa below the skin, and then 502 glue can be bonded together. If the hand is better, you can also use the needle and thread will be similar to the material sewn up is also possible.

Three, leather sofa large area off the skin

Leather sofa use a long time, it is inevitable that there will be off the skin of the phenomenon, if it is a large area, we recommend a direct look for the sofa factory fabric, refurbished and can restore the original. If the area is very small, it is recommended to make a sofa sets, sofa sets are tailored according to the size of the sofa, very docile, the effect is fine.

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