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Sofa Industry Standards

Couch is furniture products in bulk-goods, large wide. This standard is the QB/T1952.1-1999 revision of the standard, compared with the original standard the mainchanges are as follows:

1, the product category: standards for product classification is based on the elastic material, coated fabric and use the function classification.

2, the main size: this standard product of main dimensions, and seat width seat depth before reservation, on the front and back adjusted the height of the corresponding changes, and removed the handrail high size and dimension deviations so requires.

3, the use of materials requirements: ⑴. product appearance of timber should beconsistent with the identified Express; ⑵. product material should not bark; c. wood moisture should not be higher than the area average annual wood equilibriummoisture content, original +1%. And standards Appendix b (normative) added to the regional wood equilibrium moisture value as a basis for product evaluation. ⑷.the textile fabrics, leather and imitation leather and other materials increased the dry rubbing and the fastness to ≥ level 4 requirements.

4, mechanical properties: mechanical properties of this standard classification of tests according to the unified back durability requirements (standard durability requirements specified by the sofa elastic type), namely durability through: a-60,000;b-40,000 times, and c-level 20,000 times. And the back is loose and grab loose momentum and corresponding adjustments in the amount of compression.

5, flame retardant requirements: taking into account product development trends,reduce physical hazards.

6, testing result assessment: product test divided into type inspection and deliveryinspection. Test results: grade (top), grade (grade b), qualified product (c grade) and unqualified.

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