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Sofa Material And Role

High prices and expensive decoration materials, so that we buy or replace the new house at the same time, hoping to minimize the overall proportion of the living room to enhance the practicality of housing - of course, for hundreds of square meters or even villas, the living room Diminished but bad. So how to choose a small sofa in the living room? Let the home coffee from the material, style, function, type, etc. to give you the analysis of it.

1, the type of sofa material

Leather sofa and solid wood sofa prices are higher, fabric and rattan sofa relative to other types of sofa for some. Solid wood and rattan sofa is relatively hard, in most cases more suitable for Chinese style decoration, and leather and fabric sofa comfort is higher, suitable for Western-style decoration. But the cortex of the sofa is generally wider than the fabric sofa, more accounted for the place.

Throughout the characteristics of four kinds of sofas, small units choose to remove the sofa sets of fabric sofa, so easy to take care of, while in the case of cost-effective more personalized their own room.

2, the sofa style

Single sofa to save space; corner angle of the sofa can be sitting on the sleeper, high comfort, to the guests, then you can sleep two people; combination of the sofa space, look more noble style some. Small apartment owners should be based on the size of the living room to choose a single sofa more flexible, it will not seem too crowded living room, more suitable.

3, sofa cushions

The sofa cushions are both movable and fixed. Movable cushions can be placed in different locations, but need to be sorted, or it is messy, in the selection of the sofa, we must pay attention to the quality of cushion pad, some cushions after a period of time on the deflated, both ugly and useless.

There is no difference here, have to say, fixed cushion sofa, in general, the back design are more reasonable, this sofa is also very comfortable, and the use of mobile, for lazy people, or count The bar

4, the role of the role of the sofa

Small units should pay more attention to the comprehensive function of the sofa, and now the market has a lot of design for the small size of the sofa, some sofa can open into the bed, some sofa can be equipped with storage space, and some sofa can be free assembly demolition, the need for space You can put it up.

According to the actual situation of their own family to choose the comprehensive function of the sofa, in general, if relatives and friends often visit or parents away from, may wish to choose to open the bed of the multi-functional sofa, provincial pen hotel costs; and if the guests and Not much, or with the storage of more practical, Tuen point groceries, eyes not see the net.

5, the quality of the sofa

The quality of the sofa mainly to see two aspects, one is the sofa wooden shelf is strong. In the purchase of the sofa, to see the sofa wood structure of the width of the wood, in general, the more the better the quality of the sofa. Another aspect is the elasticity of the sponge. Sponge rebound effect must be better, or the sofa with a period of time to fall on the cushion.

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