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Solid Wood Dining Chair Maintenance

1: pay attention to dining surfaces clean maintenance. Timed dry soft cloth to gently wipe the surface with cotton dust, every once in a while, wring out the moisture of the wet cotton silk dust fine dining nooks and wipe clean, then dry with clean softfine cotton wipe. Avoid alcohol, gasoline or other solvents in addition to stains.

2: dining table and Chair surfaces such as dirt, never tried hard to clean, warm teastains gently to remove, wait until the moisture evaporation in a little wax on the original paint and lightly grinding dry several times to form a protective film.

3: avoid scratch hard objects. When cleaning, do not allow cleaning tool reached dining tables and chairs, usually pay attention, do not let the hard metal products or other weapon collision dining tables and chairs, protect its surface there is no bruise marks.

4: avoid wet environments. Summer such as indoor flood tide should use a thin rubber pad dining table and Chair separated from the parts in contact with the ground while Dining chairs against the wall part with between 0.5-1 cm distance from wall.

5: keep away from heat. In the winter, the best dining places take stream placed ata distance of about 1 meter, avoid baked for a long time, local shack of wood, bending deformation and local deterioration of paint film.

6: avoid direct sunlight. Outdoor sunlight should be avoided on the dining table and Chair all or parts of long time exposure, so it's best to put in a place where I can keep out of the sun shining. This way, not only does not affect the indoor lighting, but also protect the indoor tables and chairs.

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