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The Secret Of The Sofa Is Hidden

Choose a taste of the sofa, but also can not guarantee to move home and other furniture or walls will be the perfect coordination, so before the purchase of the sofa, to consider many factors.

Such as the first thinking space, and then select the furniture, it is necessary to space color as the main color, sofa or video are just embellishment. The whole group of sofas and walls are coordinated colors, the living room is large, then choose the color of the whole set of the whole sofa. If you want to have a focus, with a special shape and color of a single chair to jump out.

If the furniture as the protagonist, the space for the same color, you can let the color of the space and the sofa with harmony. Red wall optional retro color leather sofa, green wall suitable for a buckle British leather sofa, purple wall is all white sofa.

Furniture color, coffee table or side table with the use of wood or metal to take the glass material, a large area of the sofa has a sense of weight, light-colored sofa with dark pillow, and vice versa. Contrast color or similar color can be, the focus is not more than 3 kinds of colors in order to avoid messy feeling.

Single color and similar color with a sense of coordination, but the space is easy to flow in the monotonous and lifeless. Wall and sofa for the same color or similar color with the choice of contrasting color pillow to jump color.

For example, the wall is light blue, the sofa is optional dark blue, pillow is selected contrast orange or conflict red or multi-color pattern. It is best to add a pot of green trees potted. Earth color with never fail, because it comes from nature.

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