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The Sofa Is The Closest To The Furniture

  The sofa is the closest to the furniture, home, lazy when lying on the vertical lying, happy jump up and down, we can not leave it warm embrace. So, pick the sofa can not be too casual, one of the stress really a lot of stress. Bedroom 1 + 1 + 3 sofas

  Fabric sofa, is now the preferred home decoration, has always been to change, affordable as a selling point, style, like fashion, you can often change. It has three major advantages. First, color, pattern rich, wide choice; second feel soft, warm, and different cloth has a different feel; third, can be replaced. Coat replacement, can be regarded as a sofa renovation. You can also use their favorite fabric, according to the different seasons, the choice of different styles of coat, filling personality. But there are shortcomings, that is, cleaning and maintenance is more trouble, mites and other biological growth cradle.


  The size of the various parts of the sofa should be ergonomic requirements to fit the surface of the human body structure as well. The height of the sofa seat should be equal to the height of the person's calf plus the heel height or slightly lower height, about 35-42 cm. Such as the seat is too high, it will make the feet vacant, the human body torso weight will be pressed in the legs, back muscle tension; too low, the back muscles are not in a natural state, the force of the thigh will be reduced, Will be muscle soreness. Single sofa seat front width should not be less than 48 cm; double sofa should be higher than centimeters; 3 people should be between 140-145 cm sofa, seat depth should be 48-55 cm. The body to the maximum by sitting on the sofa, the knee is still outside the sofa surface is appropriate. Back to the back of the height, to sit down to reach the shoulder and the ear is appropriate, from the ground count back to the top about 68-72 centimeters. High back sofa, in fact, not scientific. People sitting on the low back sofa, the body almost all rely on it back, contact area, the body feel comfortable, sitting also appears beautiful, graceful. Back tilt of the back to 100-108 degrees between the appropriate Both sides of the armrest height between 62-65 cm.


  The color of the sofa and the living room decoration tone to have contrast. The color and material of the sofa are the same as the other furniture in the living room. The color of the living room is darker, choose the bright color of the sofa, such as white, light green, sky blue, orange, to break the dullness of the visual effect of the whole room; the color of the floor and the wall is lighter, the color of the sofa is relatively dark , You can choose gray, walnut, black and so on. TV cabinet, coffee table intended to use walnut, the color of the sofa, if not the same color, it is best to belong to the same color, and the armrest, sofa stent is best walnut; living room other furniture is metal, glass structure, Sofa armrest, the best bracket is metal, the color of the sofa can be shallow or shallow.

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