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Types Of Leisure Chairs

  Types of leisure Chairs

  Outdoor Leisure chair A lot of types, and outdoor leisure chairs of different types, the needs of the crowd is different, today's small part of the group and everyone to share about the type of outdoor leisure chair, I hope to bring you help.

  1. Lounge Chairs

  The lounge chair has always been the classic style of outdoor leisure chairs, lying on top of the sun will have the feeling of the beach, after lunch lying on the above rest nap, is not very enjoyable. The price of this couch is about 2000 yuan, the general folding chairs to a lot cheaper, about 100 yuan between 300 yuan.

  2, Rattan chair

  This package chair is made from rattan bamboo, the texture is clear, the production is exquisite, there is a kind of natural and simple feeling, as if in the old courtyard. Good quality, comfortable sitting, the price of a chair is about 50 yuan to 70 yuan.

  3. Swing Chair

  This swing chair uses the bamboo cane pure hand knitting, uses the Condole chair design, the unique shape, the bold creativity, lets see this swing chair all wants to sit up to try. Because hand-woven, the price is expensive, about 500 yuan to 600 yuan between.

  4. Leisure Chair

  This outdoor leisure chair using the material selection of imported Indonesian rattan, hand-crafted art fine, innovative appearance, very good highlights the host's humanistic temperament and personality, elegance and exquisite. The price is about 600 yuan to 700 yuan.

  Essentials of Outdoor Leisure chair

  1. function

  Single function, mainly placed in the park, community, roadside and other outdoor places. Many people use, for outdoor patchwork cool, rest, etc.

  2. Beautiful

  Visual effects are mainly coordinated with the outdoor environment, the use of wood, granite and other natural materials, modelling creative, elegant, approachable, do not need a special luxury;

  3. Practical

  Fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-corrosion, can meet many people rest without disturbing each other;

  4. Material

  Can not use poisonous or harmful materials, easy to clean. Because of the particularity of outdoor use, the general wood use: Antiseptic wood, import mountain camphor, Russian pine, plastic wood and other materials, these wood have a strong outdoor anti-corrosion effect, and marble or granite need good texture, in case of man-made damage. So the steel structure needs anti-corrosion treatment, rain prevention and man-made damage.

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